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What Communication Skills Motivate Your Team?

Posted in Workplace Communication Skills on March 18, 2013
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It does't matter if you lead a team or participate on one.  Understanding what is needed to motivate your group is a critical communication skill.  So tell us, what works best for your team? 


Are you or your manager communicating in a way that motivates?


Do you work within a team culture that innovates and continuously strives to find the best solutions, or is your team culture one that typically follows the boss's direction?


Our newest Expert Panelist, Claire Laughlin recently wrote an article on Curiosity, how to ask the right questions to motivate your team. 


Please check it out, as well as welcome her to our group. 


She is here to answer your questions and help you succeed.  You can post questions here under "this week's discussion" or you can post them in our Workplace Communication Skills forum under Ask and Expert.  We are happy to help and would appreciate your feedback.

Comments (1)

krishna posted on: March 30, 2013

Effective communication is the workplace is truly necessary for success in most cases. One can be brilliant and hard working, but if that person is awkward with communication or doesn't know the rules of engagement in the workplace, career advancement will likely be very limited.
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