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Posts filed under 'Marketing & Innovation'

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    February 21, 2014

    Is Your Brand Geo-Smart?

    Factor your Location into your Thought Leadership Strategy

    Have you ever found similarities between the game of cricket and managing a multinational?    I have.   You see, in the game of cricket, unlike soccer and baseball, there are no specifications for the size or the shape of the field. Therefore each game presents a number of possible outcomes not only on the basis of team composition, but also where it is being played. For instance, most Cricket grounds in Australia are so large that getting boundaries is tough. Therefore they generally...Continue reading

    By Karthik NagendraPosted in Marketing & Innovation on February 21, 2014

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    January 17, 2014

    Marketing in the ‘New Normal’: Inspiration from fairy tales & fables

    5 Marketing Analogies That Can Improve Your Business

    It’s no longer round the corner. It’s here.     We are wading through it… neck deep… feeling for pointers, directions and clues to help us move in the right direction.   Marketing in the ‘new normal’ has surely got us all worked up. And there are no signs of the challenges letting up.   What do we do?   Regress, I suggest, into childhood. Into the land of fairytales and fables.   No, seriously! Marketing analogies can be found...Continue reading

    By Karthik NagendraPosted in Marketing & Innovation on January 17, 2014

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    November 21, 2013

    5 Steps to a Great Thought Leadership Marketing Strategy

    What future do you see for your organization?

    You believe in the potential of thought leadership marketing. You know it can be a game changer. You see it working wonders for businesses all around. But, wait a second: How do you make it work for yourself?   Thought leadership marketing needn’t be an intimidating task. Like much of life, success in thought leadership marketing boils down to having clarity of thought and purpose. Here’s a five step ready-reckoner to help you get started to establish your thought leadership...Continue reading

    By Karthik NagendraPosted in Marketing & Innovation on November 21, 2013

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    October 24, 2013

    Thought Leadership a ‘Must Have’ - Not a ‘Nice to Have’

    Develop that extra edge that will help you gain new customers and retain existing ones.

    Here’s the thing. You cannot claim to be a thought leader. However, if you are a thought leader, it would be sinful not to claim your leadership. Get it?   Brian Clark, the incredibly talented and insightful founder of Copyblogger, is of the opinion that thought leadership, in the realm of content marketing, is derived from authority; That a thought leader is ‘selected’ by the intended audience and cannot ‘claim’ to be one. Quite right.    However, if we...Continue reading

    By Karthik NagendraPosted in Marketing & Innovation on October 24, 2013

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    January 25, 2013

    Marketing 101 With A Twist…Making It Effective

    6 Benchmarks Every Marketer & Every Company Must Achieve

    There are so many options when it comes to marketing these days; knowing where to focus can be overwhelming.  Create the Strategy…Choose the Tools…Implement the Plan is no longer going to cut it in today’s competitive environment.  Today’s expertise is more centered on the ability to connect over a longer period of time, mine data and convert it into revenue.  But from my perspective, no matter what type of marketing you use, there are some fundamentals that make...Continue reading

    By Lisa WoodsPosted in Marketing & Innovation on January 25, 2013

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    October 1, 2012

    Six Things Marketing Should Be Doing to Ensure a Positive ROI

    Are your marketing dollars being wasted?

    There is often a stigma around how marketing dollars are spent.  Business leaders don’t always fully understand marketing programs or how all the elements tie together.  Other department heads get frustrated when, in their opinion, investment ‘Needs’ are turned down, but Marketing still gets funding for ‘Wants’.  Finally, Marketing Professionals rarely feel they have enough funding for the results everyone expects their programs to achieve. So what can be done...Continue reading

    By Lisa WoodsPosted in Marketing & Innovation on October 1, 2012

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    July 24, 2012

    Eight Steps to a Successful Integrated Marketing Program

    Learn how to integrate new marketing programs into your company so they succeed.

    You have a new product that is ready to launch, a new service, a new ad campaign, or a new website…at what point do you promote it internally?  Do you make the effort to inform employees in your organization of your marketing efforts?  What is the purpose of this internal communication?  Is it to get people excited, or to make your marketing program a success? Integrated marketing is the process of including the entire organization in the marketing effort from inception, through...Continue reading

    By Lisa WoodsPosted in Marketing & Innovation on July 24, 2012

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    May 7, 2012

    Ten ways to ensure innovation is driving your company’s future.

    Is your company innovative? Are you doing your part?

    Is your company innovative?  Are you doing your part? Does your company have an R&D group that appears very busy to everyone, spends millions of dollars, and never seems to roll out any success stories?   Do you wonder how other companies manage to stay one step ahead of yours in the marketplace? Do you have a “follow the market leader” strategy since you don’t have the finances to invest in your own innovation?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then...Continue reading

    By Lisa WoodsPosted in Marketing & Innovation on May 7, 2012

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