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5 Tips To Win Over your Boss Without Being A Brown-Noser


Some people do not realize what their bosses like and dislike. And therefore, end up doing things that upset their boss. For instance, giving a genuine compliment to your boss may make him pleased. But, getting carried away with true and false compliments may make him suspect your intention. There is a fine line between complementing and brown nosing. People, who understand the difference clearly, are often successful in their office.


Does Brown Nosing Help?

No it does not! People have a perception that they can achieve anything with brown nosing. While brown nosing may help in certain situations, but practically, it causes more harm than good when it comes to keeping a respectable image in the office settings. People, especially bosses, like hardworking staff instead of those who try to get things done by their sweet talk or boot licking. Regardless, brown nosing has it many cons than benefits such as:


  • It makes you lose respect in the eyes of colleagues.
  • It puts a label of brown noser on you.
  • You lose self-respect. It may prove to be beneficial in certain situations in office but make you regret later in your career.


Your boss may not hate your habit of brown nosing, or, in fact, he may like this quality of yours. However, he will never consider this quality when assessing your work. So, even if your boss is happy with your brown nosing, you will only get success in career based on your hard work and professional skills. You might get a bonus or a promotion once, but in the long run, brown nosing won’t lead you to the true heights of professional success.


Ways To Impress Your Boss


There are a thousand ways to impress bosses. In stance, many professionals, based on their experiences, have written books on ways to impress a boss. However, in reality, there is no one specific way to impress a boss. Every boss has a different nature and so different expectation from his employees. Therefore, you need to choose your actions wisely when you are trying to impress your boss. Following are a few basic behavioral tips to win over your boss.


1.       Be Yourself

Individuality is a very important aspect that recruiters seek in a candidate during job interviews. Being yourself does not mean if you are snobbish in nature, you should keep up that behaviour at work. Instead, put a leash on your bad habits and demonstrate your good quality. Some people have the habit of brown nosing in their nature. So, even if you have it, control your habit of brown nosing in office environment. Becoming a brown noser for gaining advantages over others in office makes you pathetic.


2.       Find Common Interests

It is a simple and widely used technique to impress bosses and colleagues at your workplace. Find a common interest between you and your boss, and if there is nothing common between the two of you, find one of his interests that you can adapt easily. For instance, if your boss likes playing golf, invest your extra time in learning the game, and meet him in the field. This way, your boss will appreciate your interest in the same game and open up to you more about office issues.


3.       Show Efficiency In Work

It is the best way to win over a boss. Show efficiency and potential to your boss through your work. Instead of buttering the boss with sweet words and promises of better performance in the next project, take his comments seriously and prove your ability with quality work. Your boss may let you get away with brown nosing once or twice, but he will never tolerate it if your performance is persistently low.


4.       Learn When And How To Communicate With Your Boss

Every boss is different, and there are different ways to communicate with different kinds of bosses. Your first job is to understand the nature of your boss and then communicate with him accordingly. Some people like peace when they are working. So, do not disturb their peace with minor work issues when you see that they are apparently absorbed in their work. On the other hand, if you feel that your boss appreciates suggestions when he is working on something important, make him feel your support and provide him with all the possible help that you can.


5.       Do Not Disagree Often

Never disagree with your boss unless you have a solid reason to suggest otherwise. If you can convince him for your idea, then go ahead and disagree with his point in the most polite manner. Otherwise, understand his point clearly, and follow the instructions. Some people think that disagreeing will get them attention in office and in the eyes of their boss. It does get you attention, but most of the times, the negative attention. Disagreeing often puts you under scrutiny. And therefore, your slightest mistake may make you land in a big trouble.


People also need to understand that there is a difference between people skills and brown nosing in office. Be a better judge for your behaviour, and alter your behaviour according to the situations you face in office.


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