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Dan Woods

Dan Woods

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Dan Woods is a graduate of West Point Military Academy with a strong background in business development, operations, project management and change management.  After serving for five years in the Army Corps of Engineers, including worldwide assignments, he left the military and entered into the private sector.  For nearly ten years Dan has been in the Renewable Energy sector working for both startups and turnarounds for American, European and Asian conglomerates.  He held positions as Director of Business Development and General Manager, as well as led multimillion-dollar projects as Project Director.

Communication skills have been at the core of his success in both his military and private sector positions.  He has worked with diverse groups, both from a functional and cultural perspective.   Dealing with regulatory and public bodies has required exercising substantial communication skills to gain buy in and seek various approvals on large, complex programs.

Dan brings valuable experience to our panel, both successfully transitioning from the military into the private sector, as well as the experience of managing those making the transition.  He is passionate about helping those looking to make the transition and offers candid insight to help navigate the transition successfully.

He holds a B.S. in Economics, a Masters in Business Administration, and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).


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