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Debbie Nicol

Debbie Nicol

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Debbie’s career has been solely dedicated to embedding life-long learning into organizational behavior, enabling people to be business owners and drivers. Commencing her career as a teacher, Debbie soon developed a passion for organizational development, applying it across Hotel Management Companies in property, regional and International leadership roles.

Recognizing opportunity in alternate industries, her own business, ‘business en motion’ currently partners with the Banking, Logistics, Shipping, Oil, Retail, Automobile, Hospitality, Information Security and Government sectors across Asia, Africa and specializing in Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. With GAC and IATA as key clients, ‘business en motion’ adds value to both large corporations and growing, mid-sized companies.

Being in high demand for her leadership workshops, strategic approaches to organizational development and change, executive coaching and public speaking engagements, Debbie’s USP is the ability to open minds of those around her. Corporate success has been supported by two Masters Degrees, a Masters in Online Education and a Masters of Linguistics.

business en motion’ has recently launched a unique concept, process and toolkit for change, ‘embers of the world’, focusing on story-telling as the impetus for self and corporate leadership change, whilst placing reflection and connection at its core. This evolution from traditional to contemporary toolkits is but one example of the pride Debbie takes in customizing solutions for specific environments and needs!

An avid adventurer with a free spirit, Debbie’s most recent personal challenge was a trip to the Arctic region and a 5 – day rugged-terrain physical survival challenge. As the face of a small yet growing team, she has been described as strategic, focused, passionate, enabling, open-minded, fun yet overall 'real'.


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