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Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg

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Dina Eisenberg, JD, founded SpeakupPowerfully.com as the cherry on the top of a successful career.  An award-winning mediator and business person, Dina has 20 years  experience teaching people how to speak up for themselves, be heard and prosper.

Formerly the Corporate Ombudsman for the 7th largest bank in the nation, Dina helped her tribe of 60K employees to navigate workplace issues.  Dina has consulted for Fortune-ranked companies such as Genentech and Coca Cola.  

Her innovative  business and unique brand of emotional intelligence, conflict management  and girl power had been featured in leading business publications like Entrepreneur and Inc magazine.  

A sought after lecturer, Dina has had the honor of lecturing at Harvard University, Harvard Law School and the Rockfeller Foundation.

Today, she's a coach to the backbone of America, administrative and virtual professionals at her online learning portal, SpeakupPowerfully.com

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