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Lea McLeod

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Lea McLeod, M.A. is the founder and CEO of Degrees of Transition, an organization focused on helping college and university graduates make the transition from college to professional life.

Through Degrees of Transition, Lea combines her passion and talent for working with young adults going through one of life’s biggest changes.

She recognizes how challenging and difficult this transition can be. Her work is devoted to helping young adults understand why it doesn’t always feel as great as they would like it to, and how they can navigate the journey.

Lea’s held numerous professional and volunteer leadership roles in organizations of many kinds. In her most recent role, she was a Director level manager for Hewlett-Packard, where she and her global team delivered a $1.3 B global program to over 300,000 employees worldwide.

Degrees of Transition was founded on these simple ideas:

  • That the move from college to career is a major life transition, rich and complex, and sometimes unnerving; and we need to spend a little more time talking about it and working through it.

  • That the path a career takes may be circuitous and often accidental in the long-term. But foundational skills constructed early in one’s career provide a strong platform on which to build future achievement – no matter where the path takes you.

  • That “fearless self leadership” is your life’s work. Only when we lead ourselves can we expand to manage, serve or lead others.

  • That throughout any career, change is constant, and there are myriad things over which we have no control. If we learn that early on, and understand how to transition through these changes, life and work will be an infinitely more rewarding journey.

The content and curriculum is based on building the fundamental work skills to manage yourself as you begin this new phase of your life, and, to work effectively in relationships with others.

In addition, Lea works extensively with new grads who are tackling the job search for the first time.

Lea holds a degree in Marketing from St. Bonaventure University, and a Master of Arts in Organization Development from Seattle University.

For more information on Lea’s “Find a Job Faster” Job Search program, her “Developing Patterns of Success” Workshops and Webinars for young professionals, go to DegreesOfTransition.com.

Recently, Lea launched her second brand, LeaMcLeod.com, to help professionals create a positive shift in their work lives. You can learn more at LeaMcLeod.com.

She is also available to speak at your event, training or virtual presentation and is also available for interviews.

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