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Miki Jo Resto

Miki Jo Resto

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Miki Jo Park-Resto           
Vice President & Senior Consultant, VPI Strategies & Bright Talent, Inc.

Miki Jo is a Business Leader who increases company value in the market place through Talent Strategy and Organizational Development.

As a Senior Advisor and Consultant, she partners with business owners and executives to create and strategize competitive advantage through leveraging human capital, organizational talent, and organizational development. She directs and leads major initiatives, with change and implementation strategy, across the global organization.

Miki Jo has comprehensive experience in creative problem solving and transitioning environments; i.e. start-up, high growth, and M&A. She brings a deep understanding of business and markets to apply to bottom-line thinking for talent and organizational development. The first half of her career was developed in positions such a Marketing Manager, Director of Account Management, Development Director, and General Manager. She then worked as a Strategic Marketing Consultant, working with executives in companies from 20 to over 5,000 employees, before applying her marketing and business acumen to the Talent Acquisition industry.

Miki Jo’s Bachelor’s Degree is Marketing Communications, from Colorado State University, and she attended Antioch University as an M.A. student in Organizational Psychology. She holds certifications that range across organizational resources and leadership assessment, strategic action planning, team conflict assessment and management, and leadership coaching.

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