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Peter Paskale

Peter Paskale

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Workplace Communication Skills


Peter Paskale is a writer, coach, and trainer guiding presenters to be at their best when on the stage.

Following a 15 year career within the technology sector that included 11 years working for Dell, Peter became a consultant specializing in training and coaching business presenters. Today he works with teams around America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to help multinational organizations to bring their message to their customers through the spoken word.

Peter focuses on all aspects of public speaking, and builds on the work of the original presentation experts such as Aristotle, Cicero, and Quintilian. Through re-connecting with these pre-PowerPoint master-skills, today’s business people can once again deliver presentations that:

  • Deliver focused and creative content tailored specifically to each audience

  • Strategically use structure and narrative for compellingly memorable content

  • Exploit the full power of language to persuasively persuade

  • Integrate today’s presentation tools and social media into a proven communication framework

Peter is based in the UK. In addition to training under his own Speak2All brand and as an Associate Trainer, he also writes a weekly blog of ideas for presenters, and can be followed daily on Twitter.

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