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Robert Walters

Robert Walters

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Robert (Bob) Walters, President & Founder of RH Walters Associates is a personable, highly motivated executive with a proven track record for starting and growing vertical-market software and services companies. Experienced in all aspects of management with an emphasis on product development, customer relationship management, marketing and sales. 

Bob successfully built a market niche through seminars, speaking engagements and customer-centric product features and understands the relationship between ideas, marketing, sales and customer service!

As founder of Phoenix Solutions, Inc. (PSI) – a vertical market software company that was boot-strapped and grew into more than $2 Million in annual revenues – Bob has a unique perspective on what it takes for a startup or established company to be successful.  Since founding PSI in 1987, Bob took the company through rapid growth, acquired associated businesses and negotiated a merger with a larger company in the same market that significantly expanded both the scope and reach of the company and its products. 

For the past 10 years Bob has worked with small businesses to automate their business practices with a focus on improving profitability, streamlining operations and increasing business development opportunities.

Most recently Bob has worked in a publicly traded company to identify potential acquisitions and develop a strategic partner program to grow market share and cross-sell opportunities.  Bob was an active participant in the marketing, product development, go-to-market program development, sales and professional services initiatives.  In addition, Bob represented the company and products at trade shows, through webinars, product presentations at the annual user groups and other speaking engagements.

Bob brings a unique perspective to ManagingAmericans Expert Panel as someone who has built a successful small business; has been involved in assisting other small business to evolve and grow; and working inside a major corporation to influence business development in a number of areas.

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