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The Cross Functional Business: Beyond Teams

The Cross Functional Business: Beyond Teams




Cross functional teams were created to bridge the communication gap between functional business areas in an effort to achieve a common objective. Objectives typically defined as a project or initiative important to the company. However these teams are a microcosm of the business and do NOT hold the overall business accountable for anything. Conversely, The Cross Functional Business does just that. It brings clarity and accountability across the ENTIRE business, building a more agile organization that engages employees at all levels, fosters innovation, improves efficiencies and increases profits.


The Cross Functional Business is defined by a clearly articulated and shared mindset for how business will be conducted within each area of the company (functional, divisional, matrix or otherwise). It establishes job expectations and communication standards not only that each individual and/or group commit to, but are also held accountable for by all others.


The Cross Functional Business breaks down communication barriers to allow for an agile organization that can…

• Respond to market needs

• Communicate ideas and ensure they come to fruition

• Provide cohesive ‘intel’ to make decisions quickly and with cross functional buy-in

• Maximize resources, professional and monetary, based on a collective strategic focus

• Energize a culture of ownership and pride throughout the workforce by being heard and respected for bringing value to the overall team.


It can start with one individual that builds cross-functional connections. It can start with a functional group expanding its connections across silos, or it can start from the management team and filtered company wide.


However you begin the process, it is sure to become infectious, as the obvious benefits are measured and shared.


The Cross Functional Business is a book about building the mindset of an organization through constructive dialog that drives innovation, accountability and growth company-wide. It’s a teambuilding exercise, a communication exercise, a goal setting exercise, as well as a tool for career growth. Best of all…it’s simple to understand and easy to implement.


Whether you are a…

• Business leader interested in focusing your entire organization to work better as a team,

• Departmental leader looking to improve the level of service your group provides to the organization,

• Or an individual looking to understand how the overall business functions and how your own efforts can make a valuable impact.


…this book is a great tool for you. Not only will you learn what The Cross Functional Business is and why it’s important, you will also learn how to implement it using tools provided in the book. It’s a ‘How To” guide that includes a survey you and your team can start using right away.