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Common job issues and solutions in Finance & Economics

Establish online training, evening or offsite training.  Get people to focus by taking them outside of their day-to-day...(more)

Maintain a good question/answer network of individuals within your business discipline by participating in appropriate associations.  Maintain your training by taking courses and achieving updated...(more)

Conduct forensic research into cost drivers.  Know your systems and the reports they generate…ensure their accuracy and use them to achieve...(more)

Create and provide standardized reports and give periodic updates.  With a standardized report you can spend your time focused on the...(more)

Point the situation out to all parties concerned, fix the problems with them and make detailed notes of what took place, how it was rectified and assurances that it will be correct going...(more)

Always annotate assumptions and make estimations for variability.  Communicate your assumptions as you are working on the forecast to ensure they are the same assumptions made by members within your organization.  It is helpful to everyone if...(more)


How comfortable are you at preparing your company’s financial forecast?