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How to Choose the Best Windows PDF Editor Tool


PDF editing has become quite a major need these days, whether we’re talking about individuals or small business owners. Thankfully, there is a large offer on the market these days, since you can find special software for this purpose everywhere. However, the downside about having many options is the fact that it’s hard to choose the best one of them all. So what should you take into account when you decide to use a particular PDF editor?


Creating and converting

Once you edit the PDF file as you wish, you have to be able to save or share the document in a quick and easy manner. Moreover, sometimes you may even need to open it from another external app. As such, you have to choose a PDF editor that can convert the source document into other popular file formats: Excel, PowerPoint, Office Word and so on.


Language support

Not everybody has English as the first language, so it is important for many people that the PDF editor contains various languages. This can become particularly important in a company, where you may meet clients who don’t speak English. If the software you choose has OCR technology, this should support various languages so that you don’t have to spell-check manually.


OCR Technology

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is particularly important since it means that it converts any scanned image into text. If your PDF editor tool uses this, then editing such a file becomes a piece of cake. It saves you up lots of time and effort, since you don’t need to hand-type, especially if we’re talking about documents with hundreds or thousands of pages.


User-friendly interface

This is yet another criteria that you should take into account when you choose the PDF editor. Working with PDF is already quite complicated, so you don’t need any more complications. That’s why you should always go for a clean user interface and a clear display of functions. Moreover, try and check if the editor doesn’t have bugs, or at least not too many, so that you won’t encounter malfunctions or crashes. In this sense, it is a good idea to do some research on the Internet and see the reviews it received until now.


All in all, you should pay close attention to the creating and converting functions, the language support, the OCR technology and the interface when you make a decision. If you want a professional recommendation, you should try and download pdf converter, since it’s a great tool that has been tested by many people. Moreover, the company also offers a free trial period, so that you can see what it feels like to work with this editor.


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