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Improve Your Website With Advanced File Sharing


{#/pub/images/FileSharing.jpg}When developing an online business, or even an Internet division or website of an existing company, there are virtually unlimited ways to improve. Web design alone is complex enough to offer limitless options, and when it comes to honing the actual functionality of a company website, there are even more details and possibilities to consider. Perhaps the best way to summarize the ultimate goal, however, is that the website should be efficient and easy to use, both for employees and clients of any online business. One way to address this goal in a single, sweeping step is to invest in advanced file sharing capabilities. Here are a few specifics on how such an investment can fix common issues with company websites and online businesses.

Sharing Large Files

One major problem that a lot of online businesses face is the ability to share larger than normal files. Of course, for normal communications and smaller files, ordinary email tends to suffice. However, when sending large files - extensive documents, presentations, or even photo or video collections - typical email is often not capable of supporting the file size. To solve this problem, companies like ShareFile can provide you with the services necessary to send larger files between employees and clients. By implementing tools ranging from desktop widgets and mobile applications to direct syncing with Microsoft Outlook and other programs, you will be able to send and receive all of your ordinary business-related files without worrying about their size.

Securing Files & Content

Another common concern in business environments that rely heavily on digital communications and file transfers is security. There are various ways in which the security of ordinary digital files can be compromised. Sometimes, an email or transfer can be viewed by the wrong recipient, or even hacked into from an outside source. Sometimes and email or important file transfer will fail to reach its intended destination, and as the sender you will not have anyway of knowing that communication has failed. And still other times, the physical integrity of the devices involved in file sharing (computers, mobile phones, etc.) can be damaged. To solve these issues, professional file sharing services can offer you encryption for communications, as well as the ability to customize security options for various types of file sharing. Additionally, many of these services allow you to implement off-site servers when sharing files, which decreases the likelihood of physical issues with equipment.

Accessing Business Data

Another benefit that can come with advanced file sharing services is the ability to take advantage of cloud storage. As more and more individuals and businesses begin to implement cloud storage, going without it has become more of a disadvantage. Relying on traditional digital storage leaves you vulnerable to the same sort of potential hazards discussed in the previous section - at any given time, an individual machine (your laptop, work computer, mobile phone, etc.) may be compromised, and if you rely on that machine to store your work, you could face significant consequences. With cloud storage, your business can eliminate this risk, as people will be able to access and share work through the digital cloud, rather than relying on individual personal devices.

Improving The Web Experience

In addition to all of the functionality issues discussed previously, advanced file sharing programs and companies can also help your online business to improve its user-friendliness online. Often, improving certain aspects of a website - implementing cloud storage, improving file sharing, etc. - can make things appear a bit more complicated on the surface. However, some file sharing solutions also involve web design tactics that help to make new features blend in seamlessly with your existing website. This not only enhances the professionalism of your website's appearance, but also makes it easier for employees and clients alike to take advantage of new features.


Ultimately, which of these solutions and methods works for your business online depends on your specific needs and problems. In some cases, taking advantage of only a few of the above listed solutions may suffice to improve your online business to the necessary degree.


Ultimately, however, the fact remains that as stated previously, the abilities of digital communications and online businesses seem to be improving at an incredibly rapid and consistent rate. Even if your online business is entirely functional as it currently stands, you may risk falling behind the technological curve if you ignore some of the advanced file sharing, security, file storage, and web design tools currently being used by so many websites and online businesses.


Written by Mark Simmons. Mark is a blogger and freelance writer who covers a range of topics in the field of Internet technology.



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