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How to Introduce Employees to New Tech in the Workplace


The world is becoming more digitally inclined with each passing day, but that does not mean businesses or individuals are harnessing the new technology and unlocking their full potential. Now is the time for businesses to bring new technologies and software to the workplace so that they can keep on top of their business operations, streamline their work, and stay ahead of the game. Falling behind on the latest technology can have a detrimental impact on your business, as it can make operations much more difficult and costly.



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One of the biggest concerns business owners and employees have, however, is that technology could make a person’s job null and void. Another fear is that they will not be able to understand the technology. This is why the onboarding process is important as it can limit employee frustrations but also streamline business operations and reduce the likelihood of office disruptions.


Looking to introduce new tech in the workplace with minimal disruption? Here’s how you can do just that.


Will all Employees Benefit from the Tech?

As the business owner, what you say goes, but that does not mean you can forget about your employees and ignore their wishes and requests. You need to ensure that everyone will benefit from the technology you are bringing into the office. You can do this by speaking to team leaders one-to-one and gauge their response to the inclusion of certain tech and how their team will handle the changes. Team leaders may also be able to prepare themselves, learn the technology beforehand, and make the onboarding process a lot easier for their team. This is a cost-effective way because it reduces the likelihood of having to close the whole business while training is underway.


Let Employees Know Ahead of Time

Once you have decided that you are going ahead with the integration of certain technology, tell your employees ahead of time. You can do this by holding a team meeting where you explain the new technology, the process of onboarding everyone, and how it will benefit the whole business. Make sure you have enough time for employees to discuss any questions they have and make it known that they can come to speak to you or their team leader if they have any concerns. You can also send out an email, but this can make it more difficult to communicate the process.


Find Online Resources and Share with Your Employees

There are many online resources that can help you as well as your employees. For instance, if you are hoping to move all business operations to the cloud but you are new to the cloud and unsure of how it works and the benefits associated with this move, there are many resources available to you. Speaking with professionals can help lessen any stress or concerns that may be on your mind and make the process much more enjoyable and educational.


Make Someone a Champion of the New Tech

Rather than try to have too many people in charge of the new tech, assign one potential employee who can become the champion of this project. Not only can this help them with their own career progression and give them a morale boost and a bigger sense of purpose, but it can also give the rest of the team a person to turn to if they have any questions.


New technology can be intimidating. However, technology is the way forward. It is in your business’s best interests to embrace technology if they are to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world.



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