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Learn to close more sales without discounting price.


{#/pub/images/BalancePriceValue.jpg}Closing sales without discounting price is an important strategy for any organization. But too often the negotiation relies on price as its biggest closing tool.  Why is that?  Maybe it's because other compelling values have not been created or learned.  Or, maybe individual sales people have not been trained on the components of the product's value proposition. 


This article teaches sales people how to use the customer's definition of value (instead of lowering price) as a tool to increase revenue. Although the article is based on sales techniques, the ability to understand customer needs and shape your business around them is a valuable & profitable tool for all professionals.

As a sales professional the questions posed in this article are very important to help you formulate a more profitable sale.  The more you know about your customer's thought process, the better.  Make sure you pass your knowledge to other parts of your organization as well.  You can lead the way for your company to improve their valuable qualities so your promises in marketplace are substantiated and consistently supported.


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The Difference Between Price & Value: Create A Profitable Balance


{#/pub/images/DebCalvert.png}Written by Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions

Author of the DISCOVER Questions book series, Deb has worked as a sales productivity specialist and sales researcher since 2000. She is certified as a Master Sales Coach, Master Trainer, and host of CONNECT! an online radio show for selling professionals where listeners ignite their selling power in just an hour.



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