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3 Sales Strategies for Small Business-Get Started Selling


{#/pub/images/3SalesStrategiesforSmallBusiness.jpg}Selling is uncomfortable & often scary for small biz owners that don't have experience or training. Yet it is absolutely necessary to lead the sales effort for their business.


Small Business Owners build their companies based on great ideas that they believe in and are passionate about.  So who better to explain the value their business brings than the small business owner himself/herself?


It seems logical but it is really hard to do for people with no experience selling.  Selling is not easy, it's uncomfortable and often scary. There are some things you can do, however, to ease into your sales approach, take ownership of it and proactively grow your business.


This article outlines three sales strategies you can start to implement today:

1) Founders as Advocates

2) Get the word out - Write about it and talk about it!

3) Everyone needs to be a sales person!


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3 Sales Strategies for Small Business-Get Started Selling



{#/pub/images/RobertWalters.jpg}Written by Robert (Bob) Walters, President & Founder of RH Walters Associates- Bob is a successful Entrepreneur who grew his vertical market software company to over $2 Million in annual revenues.  He now works with small business owners to help them experience exponential growth. For the past 10 years Bob has worked with small businesses to automate their practices with a focus on improving profitability, streamlining operations and increasing business development opportunities.  Through his seminars & speaking engagements, he has successfully built a market niche with customer centric product features & an understanding of the relationship between ideas, marketing, sales and customer service.


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