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The 6 Best Products to Sell in 2018


If you are an online or digital marketer, you need to keep yourself abreast with the trends, tastes and preferences to know what to sell, and when. Online marketing and other ventures such as drop-shipping sound easy on paper, but without keeping yourself informed, you’ll be stuck with your inventory. To help you out, here are 6 best products you can sell in 2018.


1.     Athleisure

Nowadays, most people are just about getting fit and healthy. You can take full advantage of this. Athleisure are clothing worn as an everyday item for going to the gym, hike or just relaxing during the weekend. You can sell anything from sport shoes, sweatshirts, tank tops, sweatpants, head bands and many other varieties.


Such clothes are popular with female millennials that like to appear cool taking Instagram and Facebook pictures. You can utilize these social media platforms to advertise and market your products especially using influencer models.


2.     Phone Accessories

This is one niche you can never go wrong with, as long as you carry out your market research properly. People are always buying grips, phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, ear phones and other accessories. This market has grown tremendously into a multibillion industry. Analyst project that it will have hit about $ 108 billion in market capitalization by the year 2022. It is upon you to strategize and get a share of this pile.


3.     Backpacks

There are a lot of products to sell in this category. These include women’s handbags and purses, men’s bags, wallets and school bags. You can opt to specialize in a particular product, but you can always mix up with some other apparels such as scarfs and sunglasses. There are men’s purses these days that millennials like to bounce out with. Take advantage of that by having a variety that match their trendy clothing. Back to school season is always a chance to make a killing selling school bags.


4.     You Tubers Accessories

It is a common trend these days to find many people starting YouTube channels just about anything. However, people do not know where to get the right equipment to make quality videos. If you stock these supplies and let this niche of people know that you have them, then you are going to make a killing since not many e-commerce traders have ventured in this business.


5.     Personalized Products

There are so many celebrations that are going to happen all year round. There will be birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, graduations and so forth. People will be buying each other presents during these celebrations. People love buying personalized products for their loved ones as they mean a lot more than just ordinary presents. Stock some of these to make good sales in 2018.


6.     Drones

This option may appear weird, but trust you me, many people are getting excited about this technology. Remember, drones aren’t just for surveillance purposes. You can use them to take great pictures and videos in events. This is why they are becoming very popular. Try them and you won’t regret.  If you don’t have enough capital to buy drones for resale, you can always take a quick loan from companies like Northcash.com.



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