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Focus on these things to succeed in Small Business Owner

Time Saving Techniques for the Small Business Owner


{#/pub/images/TimeSavingTechniquesfortheSmallBusinessOwner.jpg}In commerce, selling products can be very lucrative, if done right. Many people get started in hopes of large returns on their investment, only to plateau in the first months and quit. Understanding the nuances of small business ownership can take an owner from earning pennies on the hour up to $40 or $50 dollars an hour down. Understanding these under-stated considerations in the small business marketplace will help owners build stamina to power through the plateau and become successful.

The Value of Hard Work

Selling items have multiple costs, many of which people often do not factor in when setting competitive prices and hoping to gain a profit. When making your purchase of items to sell, understand other cost factors that could impede your success and bottom line. These factors include the tax of time spent on making sure the business is successful. One perk of a day job is the understanding that no matter how little or much time you spend, you will always make a certain amount of money, usually described as a wage per hour. However, this stability comes with its own price. For many, their definition of worth is related to their wage. Most people have a limit to how little they are able or willing to make. Starting and running a successful commerce business is very time consuming, if you don’t put in the work, you will not get a return.

Buying Time to Build Profits

NOLO.com reports that it can take months or years before a new business starts to see profits. That’s at a minimum of 460 hours of working well below your worth. It can be exhausting and unfulfilling for a new business owner to put in hours and never see the reward they were hoping to gain Using time saving techniques re-energizes the fatigued owner and provides a reinforcing tri-fold return on investment. Try these time saving techniques.

Create a To-do list


Know what needs to be done and when it needs to get done. Set long and short term goals for completion. To build efficiency, group together things that are similar, if you have to run an errand, find other tasks on the way that you can accomplish in route.



Don’t feel like you have to do everything, remember what you and your time is worth. Think about how long it takes for you to run around completing the most mundane of tasks, think about how you can hire help or get an intern to help you with day to day tasks anyone can complete.

Create Good Habits


Build a routine that leaves no residue that spills onto your next day. Make a commitment that all your invoices are processed, correspondence answered, and products are checked by the end of each day. Starting fresh each morning helps you clear your mind and start each day successfully. Small Business Trends recommends adding these time-saving habits to your daily to-do list to ensure automatic completion.

Make the most of your technology


Get gadgets that are multi-purposed and helps you stay on track, saving time and money. An invaluable tool for the marketplace is a barcode printer. This printer will help you keep track of your inventory, give you a finished professional appearance, and help you with shipping your products. This will help save hours of time on the mundane tasks that help turn greater profits and reduce costs on you. Companies like Shopify offer easy access to all the technology you need.



Keep your merchandise and materials in order. Make main categories, subcategories, and files to keep everything where you need when you need it most. Make sure everything has a place and it is easily accessible when needed and in a logical place. If you use your shipping material only when selling your products from storage, then keep it in the warehouse with your products, not in the office by your paper goods. The Minority Business Development Agency recommends going paperless to save: time, money, and resources.

Maximize your social media


Make the most out of your social media space by building an audience to listen, share, and reciprocate your message. Entrepreneur.com emphasizes the importance of engaging in social media building reciprocal relationships with partners to help enhance your following and bring in readers.


Building a successful business takes more than finding the right product for the right market. It’s finding value within the adventure and understanding all the factors that encompass a good deal. Using time saving techniques helps increase profits and gives you greater satisfaction as a business owner. Running a business can be very rewarding when you get the most out of every step.


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