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Breaking The Rules: Ensure Rules Are Not Limiting Your Effectiveness


{#/pub/images/breaktherules.jpg}Rules, often the unwritten ones, can stifle the creativity of an organization.


As managers, most of us spend a fair bit of time trying to move our organizations forward by orchestrating behavioral change. We look for ways to enhance some behaviors, while minimizing others. We work hard to create the conditions in which our people can perform at their peak, and in concert with each other, thereby creating satisfaction for the individual and success for the organization. One way to improve our effectiveness in this regard is to look beyond the individual behaviors that need to change, to the rules that govern those behaviors and the patterns that keep them in place. The “rules” are the dynamics, mores and norms that guide us toward using “acceptable” behavior in a wide variety of situations.


When you identify a rule that is limiting your organization’s effectiveness, you will be best positioned to make a change if you do these three things: 1) Expose the rules by naming the dynamic. 2) Name the impact of the dynamic. 3) Suggest new behaviors that will have positive consequences for all. Let’s look at each in more detail.


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Breaking The Rules: Ensure Rules Are Not Limiting Your Effectiveness

{#/pub/images/ClaireLaughlin.jpg}Written by Claire Laughlin, Consultant & Trainer, Leadership 4 Design
As an independent consultant and trainer with 20 years of diverse experience, Claire Laughlin brings a passion for improving relationships, experience in management, and a relentless dedication to transformation to all of her work. She is fully committed to working with individuals, teams, and organizations as they learn and cultivate the habits and practices that make their organizational dynamics healthy and highly productive. Claire's experience spans Leadership to Communication Essentials to Project Management & Customer Service and has designed and taught over one hundred courses at over 60 organizations and seven different colleges and universities. In addition to her consultancy work, Claire directs Cabrillo College's Corporate Training Program.


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