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Record, Watch, and Share Your Conference Meetings


{#/pub/images/Recordwatchshareyourconferencemeetings.jpg}There are many moments in a conference meeting where important details need to be jotted down. This especially goes for meetings that go well over an hour long. There are just too many details for someone to over glance, especially during video conferences where physical documents are a rarity; they have to be snail-mailed or printed from an email before they become viable for a meeting. This is the exact reason why it is crucial to record, watch and share conference meetings. Just think of it this way: if a person could watch segments of a meeting instead of having to endure the entire two-hour long session, they would be able to break it apart at any given time of the day to better understand the contents of the meeting. If one could share the recorded video meeting then everyone in the company would be able to participate and give proper feedback.

Solve Common Meeting Predicaments via Recorded Conference Meetings

According to a statistical chart by PGI, more than 70 percent of meeting participants would prefer to conduct a video conference instead of physically having to travel to the meeting room. By doing so, the study shows people can cut down approximately 30 percent of their travel costs. But there are more solutions given when you record these meetings through services such as the Blue Jeans video meetings system and more. Consider the following:

Attending to Participant Attention Span

According to Brandon Gaille, a business blogger and entrepreneur, the average attention span of any given person is up to five minutes. PR Daily also gives some interesting insight when it comes to the average attention span of a person: only 66 percent of the total audience still pays attention to a video that is 30 seconds long. By the time the video reaches five minutes in length, that attention retention of the audience drops to 9.42 percent. By recording your meetings, you can work around these numbers.

Anyone not present during the video conference or those who need to double-check on the minutes can easily re-watch the recorded video to make sure they got the important details. Since it has already been recorded, they do not have to watch the entire length of the video in one go. They simply can watch five to ten minutes, take a break, and then go back to it when they feel fresh and revitalized.

Most businesses since 2008 have moved on to utilize video conferences. A total of 33 percent of major businesses since 2013 plan to move on to video conference meetings and along with this comes the feature to record and later share these recordings. This is one particular reason why more than 66 percent of businesses have garnered more successful conference meetings; with modern tools that aid with the regressing attention span with each passing generation, more attendees are able to absorb the material being discussed.

The Predicament of Slow Internet Connection

While Internet connections worldwide are starting to get faster and more stable, there are still many circumstances where a person might not have the most ideal connection to conduct a video meeting. This leads to some important figures missing out on a very crucial video conference meeting. However, by recording and sharing video conference meetings, this problem is a thing of the past. The meeting can be recorded and then shared to the other members of the team, giving them equal opportunity to watch and absorb the material as everyone else. A person shouldn’t miss out on a meeting simply because he didn’t have the fastest Internet speed for his device.

Multi-Platform Sharing

Recording a previous meeting can also have its benefits for future conferences. With new features implemented in cloud-based VoIP systems such as those used in Blue Jeans video meetings, any member can stream a recorded video while simultaneously conversing with the rest of the participants. Members can watch the recorded video while still being able to converse with the rest of the members still active in the conference. One can even use these video recordings for virtual presentations and more, especially when it comes to presenting previous statistics and charts for the company.

This form of video presentation becomes more powerful when the system allows for multi-platform access. When members are allowed to join the conference meeting even when they are using different devices (ranging from desktop computers to smart phones and tablets) it becomes important to be able to keep minutes of every detail. As shown by a study conducted by Pew Internet roughly 52 percent of American adults own and use a smart phone; another 48 percent have tablets. As the years go by and the number of devices and apps continue to increase, so will the demand to share recorded video meetings across all platforms.

Recording, watching, and sharing video conference meetings will soon be more than a great option for businesses big and small; it will soon become a mandatory necessity. Businesses are expanding across the globe and having the option to keep a visual record of every session as well as the feature to share these recordings with anyone within the cloud will not only broaden business options but will ensure efficiency and enhance company communications.


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