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Focus on these things to succeed in Workplace Communication Skills

Running Effective Meetings by Mastering 3P’s: Purpose, Process & People


{#/pub/images/RunningEffectiveMeetings.jpg}The only thing worse than wasting time away in an unproductive meeting is having others feel they are wasting their time away in YOUR meeting. It doesn't have to be that way.


When you take the time to plan your meeting, you can take the team in a new direction.  That's what meetings are all about right?  There are three aspects to master during the planning process in order to run your meetings effectively:


1) Defining the PURPOSE of your meeting.


2) Identifying the best PROCESS to use during your meeting to get everyone involved and ensure decisions are made.


3) Understand the PEOPLE you are inviting to the meeting and their abilities, how to motivate them and include them.


Check out this article on Running Effective Meetings and start your next meeting off right.

Running Effective Meetings by Mastering 3P’s: Purpose, Process & People


{#/pub/images/ClaireLaughlin.jpg}Written by Claire Laughlin, Consultant & Trainer, Leadership 4 Design
As an independent consultant and trainer with 20 years of diverse experience, Claire Laughlin brings a passion for improving relationships, experience in management, and a relentless dedication to transformation to all of her work. She is fully committed to working with individuals, teams, and organizations as they learn and cultivate the habits and practices that make their organizational dynamics healthy and highly productive. Claire's experience spans Leadership to Communication Essentials to Project Management & Customer Service and has designed and taught over one hundred courses at over 60 organizations and seven different colleges and universities. In addition to her consultancy work, Claire directs Cabrillo College's Corporate Training Program.


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