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Three Ways To Bring The Spice Of Opinion Into Your Next Presentation


{#/pub/images/Opinionsaddspicetoyourpresentation.jpg}Why do so many of us feel it's best to avoid sharing our opinions when we make presentations at work? Opinions are powerful if you know how to use them properly, especially when you are trying to draw people in and have them believe in what you are saying. Take a look at this article for some great advice on presentation skills. It's by our new Expert Panelist Peter Watts. I think we can all gain some good insight on how to be more effective speakers.


Remember, you were the one asked to give the presentation.  That means you were asked to give your opinion.  Don't miss the opportunity to be heard.  If you report just the facts, you are leaving your audience with the task of interpreting everything and forming their own individual and scattered opinions.  You should lead your audience down your desired path.  They may disagree with some of your points, but that's OK.  The important thing is that you have done your job...your opinion brings the dialog forward.


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Three Ways To Bring The Spice Of Opinion Into Your Next Presentation


{#/pub/images/PeterWatts.jpg}Written by Peter Watts, writer, coach, and trainer guiding presenters to be at their best when on the stage. Following a 15 year career within the technology sector that included 11 years working for Dell, Peter became a consultant specializing in training and coaching business presenters. Today he works with teams around America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to help multinational organizations to bring their message to their customers through the spoken word.Peter is based in the UK. In addition to training under his own Speak2All brand and as an Associate Trainer, he also writes a weekly blog of ideas for presenters, and can be followed daily on Twitter.



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Do you emphasize your own opinions when you give presentations at work?