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Articles Tagged - Vulnerability

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    October 1, 2014

    Why Being Transparent Is So Important in Leadership Roles

    Here’s a three-step formula for you to use in becoming more transparent.

    Transparency has also been called “the currency of trust.”    As you know, trust is the foundation of any relationship. As transparency increases, trust increases. And the converse is also true.    Transparency starts with opening up the lines of communication and sharing. You offer and receive information and, as you do, mutual trust increases. As you are more transparent, trust grows and the strength of the relationship grows, too.    When a relationship...Continue reading

    By Deb CalvertPosted in Leadership & Teambuilding on October 1, 2014

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    April 8, 2014

    How Vulnerable Are You?

    28 different points of view about the importance of vulnerability in leadership.

    Last year, 18 of the top 25 highest-grossing movies featured characters with super-human powers. Invincible leads like The Man of Steel, Iron Man and Thor appeal to us because we place such a high value on strength.    But there’s something different about the modern superhero. Even among the invincible, there is a decided vulnerability that we can relate to. In fact, it’s their very vulnerability that make Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, Dr. Ryan...Continue reading

    By Deb CalvertPosted in Leadership & Teambuilding on April 8, 2014

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