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Posted: May 14, 2018 4:53 AM

People are always trying to make money but when they make the profit, they try to let their profit run. This is a misconception that has been accepted by the traders for many years you should understand that it is an online investment market. There is no way you can make the profit run if the trend change. If you look at the success rate of traders, you will be more than amazed. Only 5% of the traders make a profit in this volatile industry. If you are still thinking that you will keep on letting your profit run, you should read this article. This article will give you some jaw-dropping reason that can make you lose all your investment if you do not take the profit and close your trades. This market is very profitable only if you can keep your greedy nature inside of you. Bring it out and this industry will take all of your money. Many novice traders often complain about nature of the market. Their profitable trades are being closed with a big loss. This is only because they don’t know the perfect time to close their trade. The experienced UK traders always do an in-depth market analysis to find the perfect exit point for their trade. If you fail to close the trade at the right time, chances are very high you will not be able to make a profit in the long run. You have to understand the dynamic nature of the market and based on the complex price movement, you should find the perfect exit point for your trade. The trends can suddenly change without any movement The first thing you need to listen is the market trend. These trends are an important part and they determine if you would make a profit or lose the investment. These trends do not change with giving you movements from time to time. They will change whenever they want and when they want. The trends can suddenly change its directions without any movements or indicators. As this is an online market that is global, it is not possible for even the best traders to guess when the trend is going to change. The only way to remain safe in this industry is to close the trades and take your money when you still can. The market is not going to show you ay mercy and you should take any chance you get. The more you stay out in the open, the more chances the trends will get to take your money from you. You have to minimize your risk exposure in every possible way. Try to use the trailing stop loss features of your https://www.home.saxo/en-gb/produc... to book a certain portion of the profit. The small profit is the way successful traders make a big amount If you are thinking that all the successful traders make a big profit in their one trade, you are on the wrong track. They know the nature of this currency trading and they do not take any risks. They only place their trades when they know it is safe for them. When the trade becomes profitable and they reach their trading goal, they close the trade. It will take time to build a fortune but it will help you to keep your investment safe in this volatile industry. If you want to let your profit run, change the stop-loss position If you think the trend will be going on for the next moments and you want to increase the profit, you can let the profit ruin by changing your stop-loss. Set it at a higher position and this way you will make your investment safe with your new goal. The trade will be open and the profit will be running and if the trend changes, the new stop-loss will close the trade.

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