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Workplace Communication Techniques for Exceptional Accountants

Posted in Accounting on September 11, 2012
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In our recent article, Workplace Communication Techniques for Exceptional Accountants, we tackle the issue of integrating accounting into other areas of the business, and integrating other needs of the business into accounting practices. 


We discuss six communication techniques to accomplish this:

1) Understand that you are part of a business team, not just the accounting team.

2) Know that the system can & should be modified to meet the business’s needs.

3) Ensure AP/AR employees act for the benefit of the company.

4) Align yourself with management at all levels.

5) Understand the data you are reporting.

6) Create useful reporting tools linked to the business strategy.


Are you an Exceptional Accountant?  Do you hold your accounting staff to these communication standards? How does your accounting group manage communication within your company?  Are these concepts something you feel comfortable introducing into your activities?

Comments (2)

lovejit.chouhan posted on: November 24, 2020


Since I am new with The Truth About Being a Leader I was looking for something that could be a complete guide. This course is finally the one. All the concepts are beautifully explained in a practical manner.

AdrianG001 posted on: July 27, 2018

Great article ! Keep it up.

Adrian Gates
Sr. Accountant - https://www.apps4rent.com

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