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Eight Entrepreneurial Pointers For Any Job

By Lisa Woods (1065 words)
Posted in Professional Development on August 21, 2012

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Following the success habits of entrepreneurs is a good basis for anyone’s success in business.   The reason is that these individuals develop success from nothing.  They engage in activities and exhibit certain qualities that build success.  Anyone, no matter where you work, or what you do, can benefit from these lessons.


Here Are Eight Entrepreneurial Pointers For Any Job.


1) Tenacity

Having the determination to do what you believe in, and get done what needs to get done, despite time, setbacks and challenges.  You will always face setbacks and challenges in your job, and in your career, that is why it is so important to develop your ability to pull yourself through these issues and focus on making success happen.  If you are not the one who defined your goal, make sure you understand what you are trying to achieve and why it is important.  You need to believe in what you are doing in order to be tenacious in your actions.


2) Spend Money And Utilize Resources As If They Were Your Own

Sometimes when we work for big companies, or even small ones, we make decisions based on likes instead of needs.  If you make financial decisions as if the money were your own, you are more likely to make sound, validated decisions.  The better investments you make, or valid requests you make, the more funding you will get for your future efforts.


3) Group Success Is Your Success

Beggars can’t be choosers in the life of an Entrepreneur.  Their resources are limited and they need everyone around them to help their cause.  There is no competition, politics or positioning in their circle…they need everyone to succeed so they can succeed.  They often reach out to others to help, in order to receive help for themselves in the future.  By eliminating ulterior motives in your own work life and focusing on helping others succeed, your own success will multiply.


4) Act, Absorb, Modify, Act, Absorb, Modify…repeat

Entrepreneurs take risks.  They rarely have the time or the resources to do advanced planning and risk mitigation.  But what they are able to do is take action, learn from immediate results, and modify their actions to keep moving forward.  Even if you work in a large corporation, you can make significant progress by taking smaller, faster steps and staying agile.


5) Wear Several Hats & Know When To Delegate

Entrepreneurs start out doing everything themselves; they understand all aspects of the business because they are ultimately accountable for them.  Once they have a working knowledge and start to grow, it is important that they understand what aspects they need to delegate and which ones they need to hang on to.  Bringing in outside help via consultants, or the help of your employees, is essential to allow you to focus on areas where you can bring the most value.  However, having done everything yourself for at least some time, you are better able to oversee the delegated areas and ensure it is done to your standards.


6) Get Dirty In The Details

In addition to wearing several hats and understanding all parts of each job, you also need to understand all results, actions, processes, issues, and result metrics of your job and the jobs of those reporting to you.  Drive yourself and your team with details.  Giving direction is not enough; you need to ensure that you know what is going on and the results of your efforts.  This information will also guide you to where you should focus next.


7) Brand Yourself

Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time building their brand by promoting themselves to others.  Having people know you, your work, your ideas, and your results, by networking internally and outside of your organization, will build your reputation as an expert, and opportunities for your career growth.


8) Invest In Yourself

Entrepreneurs invest in their business & their livelihood by getting training and increasing their knowledge base.  You need to do the same by advancing your own educating and professional development.  Take seminars, get an advanced degree, utilize books and self study materials, consider a professional coach or mentor. 




Written by Lisa WoodsPresident & CEO ManagingAmericans.com

Lisa is a successful entrepreneur, world-class marketing strategist, dynamic business leader & author with more than 20 years experience leading, managing and driving growth in the corporate world. Today she provides Management Tools, Do-It-Yourself Training, and Business Assessments for small to mid size companies, Lisa utilizes her experience with integration techniques, organizational and cultural overhauls, financial turnarounds and strategic revitalization to help other companies succeed.  Closing the gap between strategy and hierarchy through the use of effective communication skills, Lisa's techniques successfully develop employees into exceptional leaders, results driven managers and passionate team contributors that collectively exceed objectives.


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Comments (1)

DANIEL QUIAMBAO posted on: November 28, 2012

Entrepreneurs must develop key habits for business success. Maybe the absence of any one of these habits can be costly--if not fatal--to your business. When a business person become competent and capable in each of these areas, they will be able to accomplish extraordinary results, far faster and easier than your competitors. Like these habits: Plan Thoroughly (what exactly is my product or service, who exactly is my customer, why does my customer buy or what does my customer consider value etc); Get Organized Before You Get Started; Find the Right People; Delegate Wisely; Inspect what You expect; Measure what gets done; and keep people informed.

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