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Focus on these things to succeed in Career Change / Job Search

The Pros Of A Longer Profession




Today’s life expectancy in the US is now at 78 plus years old, eleven years beyond what it was in 1950. Additionally, studies show that those who continue to work as they age not only bring their wealth of experience and knowledge to their company, but enjoy an elevated quality of life as a result.  So, what are the benefits, for you and your company, of putting off collecting those retirement benefits?


Wisdom is a worth without measure

The fact is, people are changing jobs faster than ever before in their climb to the top. If you are a longtime employee or have managed your own company for a number of years, you have knowledge that is irreplaceable. Though many companies do force out older, higher paid employees, if you are lucky enough to be employed by one smart enough to know your value, this can turn into the golden years of your career. If you happen to be managing your own company, perhaps it’s just time to delegate and add in some more leisure time.


Keeping the work ethic alive

You have been in your career so long for a reason. You have worked hard and made sacrifices for the success of the company. Although technology has advanced in every industry, the hardworking habits you have practiced may not have. Not only will your presence be a stabilizing force for your company, but an example for those coming up behind you of the dedication it takes to get ahead. It’s a win-win for you and your company as you exemplify a culture of integrity and can now perhaps reap the reward of respect for your longtime contribution. 


The best laid plans

In the event you’re one of the number of older workers pushed out of their position or you are just determined to step out of your comfort zone, this time can be a new beginning. Take the opportunity to transfer your experience into a new type of job in your field, or work for a cause that has been dear to your heart, but out of reach due to your longtime responsibility and commitment to others. 


Performing your own job review

With all your experience, there’s no one who knows better what’s best for you. Be sure to weigh all the benefits – including the corporate benefits – of continuing to work at your current job, or look for a new one, as opposed to opting out of the workforce. Whatever path you choose, this next one just might be the most fulfilling journey of your career.


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