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Focus on these things to succeed in Career Change / Job Search

  Today’s life expectancy in the US is now at 78 plus years old, eleven years beyond what it was in 1950. Additionally, studies show that those who continue to work as they age not only bring their wealth of experience and knowledge...(more)

If you're wondering whether you should take a course in Microsoft Excel, you should know (if you don’t already) that it is one of the most frequently used business software packages out there. It handles tasks ranging from data entry and...(more)

So often I get a call from prospective job search clients. They usually tell me that they are applying to jobs but not hearing anything back. To me, that’s a sign that they probably don’t have a good job search strategy in place.   If...(more)

Starting your job search can be overwhelming whether you are looking for new opportunities, making a career change or seeking a promotion.  There are lots of resume tips, interview recommendations and other resources out there, but how do you know...(more)

We are all busy with work, family and our social activities; as a result, professional development is often neglected due to time constraints.  If you are interested in developing your skills, but unsure of where to start, we recommend that first,...(more)

When at a crossroads, do you know which way to go? A True Leader Knows There Is No Right Answer….and finds strength in that.   There are many traits that define leadership, but one that stands out is the ability to know there is no right...(more)


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