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Focus on these things to succeed in Career Change / Job Search

Understand which role you play in leadership.


When at a crossroads, do you know which way to go?

A True Leader Knows There Is No Right Answer….and finds strength in that.


There are many traits that define leadership, but one that stands out is the ability to know there is no right way of doing something.  When at a crossroads with a choice of going straight, left, right, staying put or turning around…how do you make that decision?  Do you see all of your options?  Do you get overwhelmed? Is one choice better than the other?  Is one right and are the others wrong?


A true leader is comfortable making a decision on which direction to take because they understand the result of their decision is based on what they do after making it.  They are inspired by endless possibilities, not overwhelmed by them. By determining what to do along the path, and following through, a leader believes the risk is mitigated and the reward is achievable. 


So how do leaders know which direction is the best direction?  They don’t!  But they educate themselves to be able to make decisions they can manage.  Their ability to quickly acquire, disseminate and filter information is a key component to their decision-making ability…then they jump in.


What role do you play in leadership?

  • Are you an informant - Part of the group of people collecting and providing information to be able to make informed decisions?
  • Are you a manager – Part of the group entrusted to implement and oversee the actions needed to achieve success?
  • Are you a leader – The one who envisions the path forward?


No matter which role you play in leadership, appreciate the fact that one does not function well without the others.  Finding the place where you are best suited gives you and your organization an advantage and opens the door for your role to change throughout your career.


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