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5 Ways That You Can Lead by Example to Create a Better Business


One of the most important qualities in an effective leader is the ability to lead by example. When your employees see that you are sincere in your desire to improve the business, and that you are willing to practice what you preach, they will be much more inclined to follow your example.




Active leaders who take a genuine interest in all levels of their business are not only much more effective teachers, they are powerful assets for building loyalty among their key talent.

Whether you are a hands-off leader who is looking to get more involved, or you're preparing to embark upon a new leadership role, it is worth looking at some of the ways you can use your leadership skills to build a better business.


Get Involved

It is important that you demonstrate to your team the same willingness to work together and to share burdens that you want them to exhibit when working together. A team where each member is willing to pick up those who are behind will be much happier and cohesive overall.

A great way of unifying your team and encouraging workers who otherwise would not meet to work together, is to add a blog to your website. You should also ask them to contribute to your business’s website. If your workers are freelancers and they haven’t signed any kind of exclusivity agreement with you, encourage them to make a website for themselves – see the website of Chris Pivik for some simple and effective design inspiration.


Nurture Your Key Talent

One of the most important things that a business leader can do, both in the short and long term, is to make sure that their key talents are kept motivated and loyal. The longer an employee has worked for you, the more valuable they become. There are no shortcuts to experience. You might be able to find a great candidate with relevant experience for a job opening. But that isn’t the same as the experience of working for you.


Respect the Chain of Command

In order to lead effectively, you will need your team’s support. If your team doesn’t respect the chain of command, your inefficiencies and bottlenecks will quickly inhibit your workflow. You need to make sure that everyone in your organization respects the chain of command, and that senior staff respect their junior staff.


Listen to Your Team

This is another important measure to take if you want your team to feel valued in their roles, no matter what those roles may be. Whenever there are decisions to be made that will affect junior staff, make sure to consult them beforehand. Don’t just note complaints and concerns, act on them. If you disagree with their assessment, gently explain to them why.


Take Responsibility

Mistakes are not necessarily bad things. In fact, mistakes are one of the most effective ways for us to learn. The key ingredient is a leader who knows how to take responsibility, and to give their employees constructive feedback. Do this, and they will happily own up to mistakes and look to you for advice on how to improve.

Leading by example will make you a much more effective business leader. It will also gain you respect amongst your staff and encourage them to follow your lead.


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