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7 Holiday Gifts for Hardworking Employees


The holidays are almost here, and whether your office is gearing up for a busy season or things are slowing down, now is a great time to show your hardworking employees just how much their dedication means to you. As a manager, it’s your job to ensure your team feels heard, understood, and appreciated. Spread some cheer and deck the office halls with a little holiday magic – after all, investing in your team is one of the best uses of your money. Use this list for inspiration and find gifts your employees will truly appreciate.




1. A Christmas Bonus

Of course we had to make money our top pick for holiday gifts. The holidays can be expensive, and your employees are guaranteed to appreciate a surprise bonus. Augment their income with a few thousand dollars. Not only will they be delighted, but you’ll also reap the rewards of tax benefits.


2. More Time Off

Instead of forcing your employees to dip into their PTO, give them added time off they can use to spend quality time with their family. Whether you shut the office down or give employees an extra vacation day to do with as they wish, this is a gift they’re surely appreciate.


3. An Amazon Echo

Would a holiday gift list be complete without an entry for Amazon Echo? Give your employees the gift of Alexa, a talking, digital assistant that you can use to power your daily life. Ask her your burning questions, turn on music, or switch off the lights, all through the power of your voice.


4. A Company Trip

You might consider taking everyone on an all-expenses paid trip, or hosting a stay-cation type of shindig where all of your team can get out of the office and create stronger bonds with each other. Whether you rent a massive home on Airbnb that can house you all or you go the all-inclusive hotel route, this is a great way to promote great company culture, and create lasting memories for the team to look back on.


5. Standing Desks

Have any of your employees complained about back problems? Perhaps your team has a case of the “afternoon slumps”. Sitting at a desk all day can have a terrible impact on your health, especially when it comes to posture and overall activity level. Surprise your employees with standing desks and give them the energy they need to power through long work hours. The benefits of using a standing desk are many:

  • Standing instead of sitting could mitigate back pain
  • Standing reduces the risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Standing could lower the risk of heart disease
  • Standing desks may help reduce blood sugar levels
  • Standing vs. sitting may help improve energy levels


With so many good things to come, this is a holiday gift no-brainer. Check out the standing desks available from VariDesk and outfit your office with ergonomic, comfortable furniture that actually might improve productivity.


6. A Funny Sweater

Want to bring some smiles into the office? Grab some funny Christmas t-shirts from Tipsy Elves and really get the office party started. From hilarious depictions of Santa to naughty reindeer, there are plenty of options. Just make sure you keep it appropriate for the relationship you have with your team, as you’ll certainly find some hilarious, but outlandish, options.



7. An Office Desk Game

All work and no play leads to unhappy employees, so inspire your hardworking team to take a break every once in a while with an inexpensive desk game that they can use to work through stress. From mini pool desks to mini bowling, you can find it all at a website like Desktoys.co.


It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to present to your employees this holiday season. Use this list as a great starting point and show your team just how much they mean to you.


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