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Common job issues and solutions in First Time Manager or Supervisor

Distant upper-management.


Proactively encourage involvement by providing regular updates on your goals and results, open issues, potential solutions and areas where you need support from management.  Don’t be insulted by the distance, it may be because they feel you are in control and don’t need them.


The last thing you want is management to micro-manage you.  But you do want them to support you.

Give your boss a job to do!
Take some time to define the support you need from your boss to get your job done.  What funding do you need approved?  What support do you need from other departments or other organizations?  What structural changes would you like to make to support your employees?  Overall, define what new, innovative ideas you can you drive forward to improve your company, and outline what can your boss do to support you in making those ideas a reality.  Formalize this into a presentation.
Have a formal, open discussion with your boss!
Set up a meeting with your boss and present him with your ideas.  Discuss your vision for your job and/or your department.  Talk to him about your role and the support you need to succeed.  Discuss your employees and what you would like to do to support their success and the role you would like your boss to play in that.  Basically, set the tone for a new relationship, the one you want to have with your boss.


What part of your transition to management has been the most difficult?