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Why an Empathetic Leader Is the Best Leader


Empathy is one of those skills that no one would think a person of power would need. When you’re a leader, you know things – and you know when the other person is in the wrong. At the same time, however, you also need to understand the person and empathize with them.


Keyword here being “understand.” You don’t need to agree with them to understand where they are coming from. You just need to appreciate their point of you. Most people believe empathy to be a “touchy-feely” skill that no leader actually needs. In truth, however, it is a very important characteristic that every leader should have.


Here are just a few reasons why empathy may just make you the best leader ever.


1.    It Creates Bonds

When you understand and care about one another, you can create a strong bond. This bond will allow you to connect better with your team, to understand their perspective and interests much better. Now try to envision how much power your team will have if you also add empathy into the mix.


2.   It Gives Presence

To be empathic means to listen attentively to the one in front of you – without allowing yourself to be distracted. And there’s nothing that’s more appreciated than a leader who is listening; who is present.


This presence will mean that they are there to listen, assist, understand, and support. As a leader, you do not necessarily have to always advise or try to fix things – but simply be there for your team.


3.   It Offers Insight

You may have a story that plays well into your mind – but this story may not play as well in your team member’s head. However, by listening intently and understanding what the other person is saying, you can actually gain some insight.


You learn the story behind a certain situation or person and understand why something became the way it is. Basically, being empathic will allow you to think before you start making assumptions and pointing fingers.


4.   It Develops People Skills

It’s fairly difficult to demonstrate empathy. It also takes time and effort to prove your understanding and awareness. When you have to build a team and earn their interest, you will need to develop some people skills.


Basically, you have to show that you care and have an interest. This will inspire the team members – making them feel good enough so that they actually do a better job. 


5.   It Builds Trust

If you don’t have your employees’ trust, you are not the team leader; you are only its manager. To build trust between you and your employees, you need empathy. Communicate with them about their feelings; open a bridge between you and them. This way, your employees won’t feel like they have to keep their guard up when you’re around.


So, what do empathy and leadership have in common? Apparently, everything. An empathic employer is an employer you can trust and open up to – so if you want to touch up your skills with some leadership courses.



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