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Posted: December 12, 2017 12:16 AM

Hello, My question deals with cross training diferent employees on machines. In speaking with one of my peers I found out that he wants to cross-train every single person in the area to run every single machine in the area. Now in my experience that has never been feasible since the learning curve is not the same for everyone. I usually just cross-train a few people to run each machine. There are about 20 Personnel in an area of about 17 machines. In my experience it hurts production to cross-train everyone but he insists that it will make the area better. Is cross training each person on each machine going too far or am I off base in my thinking? I know some of the operators do not like running certain machines and their production will be lessened anyways. I remember one of my mentors explaining to me that in order to keep morale up you need to find a spot where the operator feels that he can make a difference while performing the work. That statement seems to run contrary to the action of cross training all Personnel on all machines in the area. Most of the people in the area have been cross-trained to run all the machines, but are still being switched from machine to machine sometimes within the same 8 hour work period. I feel that this practice is contrary to production and operational efficiency.

Comments have been closed for this topic.
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