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Posted: March 1, 2019 11:06 AM

Hello, I am new here and hope this question is on-point for this forum. For a small head count business (just shy of 100 employees, but growing) in a high-volume manufacturing environment, what title would you give a leader whose role would be similar to the following? (This is in no way intended to be a formal job description, just a collection of characteristics and responsibilities): Sort of a strategic catch-all role. With a foot in day-to-day operations and another foot in the executive team, takes ownership of ensuring the CEO’s current strategic initiatives are carried out effectively. The role would serve the entire company, rather than a particular department (in the same way that IT and HR serve the whole company). Examples of responsibilities: - Developing future supervisors, managers, and leaders - Documenting and improving complex business processes - Developing effective ways to train new and existing employees along with relevant materials and schedules - Writing effective job descriptions (internal and external) - Identifying the source of quality issues, resolving them, and preventing them - Analyzing data for insights and action – employee data (succession planning, attrition planning) - Working directly with customers to determine ways we can better serve them - Facilitating innovative thinking - Facilitating Strategic Planning (at the company level and/or at the departmental level) - Guiding managers in developing and implementing accountability systems - Instituting regular coaching and development sessions between all managers and their employees So you can see that this is a special collection of skills that focus on accomplishing strategic initiatives. How would you tile someone like this?

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