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Managing Junior Military Officers
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Posted: May 4, 2012 1:23 PM

Ok, so don't be me!!! In such a hurry to see that gatepost in my rear-view mirror I failed to follow many of the lessons I am now URGING you to follow. These documents are important...take the time to identify them, make sure they are correct and put them in a very safe place..in fact, make copies and put in multiple safe places. These are documents you need. - DD214, DD214, DD214: many many years later and a relocation of personnel documents by the Department of Defense and I still can't get a copy of this document. (Don't be me! - VA Loans, Employment benefits, and many more) - Medical records - Copies of performance reviews - Letters of recommendations - Did I mention DD214? Again..do NOT be me! - Resume

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Comments have been closed for this topic.
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