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Transitioned Military Officer Discussions

Posted on April 16, 2013
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Check out my interview with Tom Wolfe, author, columnist, career coach, veteran, and an expert in the field of military-to-civilian career transition.   It is a really insightful read for anyone looking to transition or make a fresh career start...(more)

Posted on May 28, 2012
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Did your company offer training specifically for your background?  Did you have difficulty fitting in and what help was offered to you?  What advice would you give other JMO’s that are about to make the...(more)

Posted on February 14, 2012
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Jay, a graduate of West Point Military Academy, after serving his time in the military, returned to civilian life and joined corporate America.  Jay was happy with military life, with the camaraderie and always feeling like he fit in. ...(more)


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