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Managing Junior Military Officers
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Posted: May 4, 2012 2:32 PM

We all have weaknesses, and it should be no surprise as you transition from the Military Officer world to Corporate America there will be some areas that you are weak in or don't have much exposure. The critical task for you as a transitioning military officer is to be honest with yourself and identify those weaknesses. once identified you can look at ways to improve or close the gap on some of those areas. If you can't read a balance sheet take some corporate finance classes or read up on the subject. If your not a good communicator take some public speaking or presentation classes. Just a few ideas are: Market analysis, project management, statistical analysis, etc. Remember you want to understand what you are NOT good at and look for ways to move the needle on your weaknesses. Good luck, we are rooting for you!


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Comments have been closed for this topic.
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