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What can you do to ensure enough training as you start your new job?

Posted in New Employee on February 14, 2012
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Michelle is excited to start her new job as Customer Service Manager at a plastics company.  She has 10 years' experience in customer service for another company, but this is her first management job.  She wants to start things off successfully but is nervous about getting up to speed on the systems and products so that she can move quickly into managing the people aspect.  She is wondering what kind of training will be available to her and if she should talk to her new boss about setting up a plan that fits her needs in addition to the one they may or may not have in place already.

  • What can Michelle do to ensure she has enough training when she starts her new job?  
  • Should she work with the human resource manager and her new boss prior to starting the job or should she wait until she gets there?  
  • Should Michelle take any classes/seminars outside of work to help her get up to speed with her new role as manager?

Comments (2)

k5onehundred posted on: September 1, 2013

When you join a new company, it is best to go with the flow because you don''t know who they are, and it is not advicable to make that impression because the people you start with may endup becoming your advasories in the end. Be ordinary, don''t create too much attension if you are new in town. http://www.researchpaperstobuy.com/

LDGT200 posted on: April 25, 2012

Michelle should absolutely talk to her new boss about setting up a training program for when she starts, to include meeting with each department head and learning the processes and products. This is a discussion that should take place prior to her first day. She can discuss educational training programs after she is on board for a little while, maybe in her first review. Typically a company is not going to send you off to seminars when you are starting the job, this happens afterward. She can take some classes on her own, however, if she feels she needs help in certain areas.

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