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Common job issues and solutions in Purchasing and Supply Chain

Back to Sourcing Fundamentals: Re-Organizing the Purchasing Function


{#/pub/images/PurchasingFundamentals.jpg}Successful sourcing of goods and services is a continuous improvement process that can provide a competitive advantage for any organization.  It ensures shorter cycle times through the use of master supply agreements, increases the supplier base to reduce supply risk, and improves costs due to market price competition.  Although a consistent sourcing system sounds like it should be fundamental to any business, over the past several years disorganization of the purchasing function has prevented these results from occurring.

Disorganization is based on three common misconceptions:

1:  Anyone Can Buy Anything
2:  You Can Operate Without a Guiding Strategy
3:  Ongoing Training is Unnecessary

What caused these misconceptions to occur?


This article teaches how to spot these misconceptions in your organization and outlines steps you can take to get your purchasing organization back on track by refocusing and getting back to sourcing fundamentals.


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Back to Sourcing Fundamentals: Re-Organizing the Purchasing Function



Written by Julie Brignac, President& CEO, QuantumSix Solutions, Inc.  Julie is an accomplished consultant and professor with 20 years senior level experience in Quality and Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Procurement.  She is also the inventor of The RoSS Model™, an end to end project benefit financial validation process that helps organizations financially reconcile their project benefits to their financial statements.  Julie is an Associate Adjunct Professor for the Undergraduate School of Supply Chain Management at the University of Maryland, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Online Learning for the Whitman Business School for Syracuse University.  She holds a degree in English and Communications from the University of Virginia, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland.  She is a certified Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Lean Expert and a Certified Purchasing Manager from the Institute of Supply Management.


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