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Focus on these things to succeed in Purchasing and Supply Chain

It’s possible that you are scratching your head after reading the title of this article, especially if you work in the Sales or Procurement function in your company.  Typically, Sales and Procurement teams do not work closely together, or...(more)

The phrase ‘change management’ has almost become a cliché in the business world.  Many companies and consultants claim to be experts in the subject, but indeed, it's doubtful that any have become masters. Yet why would this be...(more)

As we all know, negotiations happen everyday in our professional and personal lives.  Whether we are negotiating a large multi-million dollar contract with a vendor, buying a new car, or simply negotiating with your 9-year old on which vegetables...(more)

  What Happened to Strategic Profit Building? It is far too easy for companies to start slashing costs in order to improve profits. Unfortunately it's often at the expense of the business. This article discusses the pros and cons of cost cutting,...(more)

By Julie Brignac, President, QuantumSix Solutions, Inc.   5 Critical Elements to Successful Change Management Programs The phrase ‘Change Management’ has almost become a cliché in the corporate world.  Many companies and...(more)

Never discount the importance of relationships. Building great relationships, both internal and external, will help you facilitate successful negotiations.  Take the time to understand the needs of your organization, whether it is those of your...(more)

By Julie Brignac, President, QuantumSix Solutions, Inc. I am a CNBC fanatic.  I started watching it religiously when I exited the executive ranks of the corporate world and launched my own business from home.  My primary motivation for...(more)


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