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Safe Deposit Solutions – Things You Should (And Should Not) Store


Image by darozin via Flickr 

Image by darozin via Flickr  


Safe deposit boxes can be found at most banks and private security facilities and they offer a person secure storage for any number of items. Yet some people are unsure about what items can safely be stored and what cannot, and with that in mind, here is a list to help make it clearer.


Emergency Access

There are many valuable documents that require safekeeping, yet you might unexpectedly need to access them, and if your safe deposit box can only be accessed during office hours, then you should not include anything that could be needed at a short notice. A passport, for example, should not be included, as you might have to leave the country at short notice. If your safe deposit box is at a facility with round the clock access, then you can pretty much include anything, as access can be gained at any time of day or night, but failing that, make sure you do not include anything that you might need urgently.


Last Will and Testament

This should not be included in your safe deposit box, unless, of course, your executor has a copy, and also has the power of attorney to act on your behalf. If, for example, a person died and did not inform anyone about the safe deposit box, then anything inside could be lost forever. It is always advisable to take a photo of every item in the safe deposit box, and this would help if there was ever an insurance claim. If you live in New South Wales, and are looking for an affordable safe deposit box, Australasian Vaulting Industries have a range of sizes to choose from, and with a very good name in the security business, you can rest assured that your valuables are in good hands.


Funeral or Burial Instructions

Any details or arrangements concerning your funeral should not be included in the box, as in the event of your death, no one would be aware of the existence of the safe deposit box and your instructions would never be discovered. It might be a morbid topic, but if you would like more information on how to arrange your own funeral, read through some useful guides online.


Important Documents

A safe deposit box is the ideal place to keep important original documents, which might include the following:

  • Marriage and Birth Certificate

  • Property Deeds

  • Vehicle Ownership Documents

  • Social Security Card


There might be old photos or old love letters that you cherish and they can also be included, as can anything of sentimental value, and by sourcing the right provider, your valuable possessions will be in safe hands.







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