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Common job issues and solutions in Quality & Safety

  Image by darozin via Flickr     Safe deposit boxes can be found at most banks and private security facilities and they offer a person secure storage for any number of items. Yet some people are unsure about what items can safely be...(more)

Make sure you fully understand what quality tool to use before jumping into methods such as Six Sigma or Lean.  Write a problem statement or objective charter first – to explore what you are trying to accomplish, then have a quality...(more)

Too many metrics make it hard for stake-holders to make decisions and disrupts focus in an organization.   Start with top line KPI’s (key process indicators) for each department.  Keep 3-5 main indicators.  Be sure that the...(more)

Many companies try to improve safety performance by hanging posters, banners and slogans for employees to read. While these reminders may show your organization that you want improved safety results – the only way to truly create a safety culture...(more)

Resist the urge to over-document procedures and processes.   Many organizations fall in to the trap of trying to document each and every process and step – and create entire internal bureaucracies dedicated to keeping documents...(more)

Organizations without a good safety culture may often find that their employees are under-reporting their safety performance.  Under this premise, safety statistics look good, yet the risk for severe injury or accident is still...(more)


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