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Common Sales Issues

Posted in Sales on February 13, 2013
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We all face challenges in our jobs.  What are the biggest sales issues you are facing this week? 


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Deb Calvert posted on: February 16, 2013

Shadi -

This is a common challenge for many sales professionals.

Try to focus on what work is truly of value to your customers and in helping you achieve your goals. There is much preparation and service work that is not essential and leads us to procrastinate on more important activities.

If you have a sales support team, be sure to delegate effectively so they can pick up the non-selling activities. Try to do any non-selling work in the hours that are less desirable for calling on customers (lunch break, after hours, etc.). And seriously consider what tasks you are doing that could be left undone.

As a sales professional, your time is truly valuable so you need to protect it and allocate it carefully!

- Deb

Shadi posted on: February 14, 2013


this week was very rapid most of the time i face difficulty to Increasing the sales and keeping the reasonable payment(preparation cost).


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