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How do you make a great first impression?

Posted in Sales on November 13, 2012
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Professional sellers focus more on opening sales than they do on closing sales. 


What do you do to prepare for your first discussion/first impression with a potential customer?


What type of research do you conduct?


Do you make your first discussion into an opportunity to close a sale?


How and when in the conversation to do approach them for a followup discussion or meeting?


Please share your insights and experiences.

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Shadi posted on: January 31, 2013


First I will try to get the information
required about the market and the product
for this purpose we need to implement a marketing research
then for opening the sales I will try to create the customer interest curiosity of the product or the service after the I get the interest by them i will try to get the data required for igniting the sales..


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What is your primary objective during an initial sales call?