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You Are the Ultimate in Added Value

Posted in Sales on September 11, 2012
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{#/pub/images/ChallengerSelling.jpg}Deb Calvert, Sales Expert Panelist & President, People First Productivity Solutions, just posted an article on our blog titled 'You Are the Ultimate in Added Value'.

In her article Deb talks about how, in selling, the term “value added” has taken on a life of its own. This term has a variety of meanings and interpretations, which is confusing for buyers and sellers alike. 

Although she gives several examples of add-ons that can add value for the buyer, she explains Five Ways YOU, (not your company, not your product), can add value to your customers.

  1. You can help the customer sort through a mind-numbing number of options, variables, and decisions related to ordering your product.
  2. You can ask questions that make your customer think strategically.
  3. You can offer relevant, timely suggestions about new products or services.
  4. You can demonstrate professionalism, integrity and genuine interest in every interaction with your customer.
  5. You can follow up on the customer’s order to make sure that it makes its way through your internal processes and is delivered on time and as ordered.

Sellers can add tremendous value. Or they can become irrelevant, annoying and unnecessary. It’s a matter of choice that each company and every seller should consciously make.


Let's continue the discussion.  What other ways can YOU add value to your customers?  Also, please fill out our survey to see what others are saying.

Comments (3)

Deb Calvert posted on: September 26, 2012

I agree, Lisa and Jacob. It really is the "little" things that count when it comes to differentiating yourself as a seller. I applaud your efforts, Jacob, because you are investing your time in a smart way to advance the sale and ensure customer satisfaction.

Lisa Woods posted on: September 18, 2012

@ JacobS - that is a a really useful value added strategy. You are taking 'lead without authority' principles and applying them to selling. By guiding multiple people down the same path, they will eventually all end up in the same place; making a collective purchasing decision. That is a great way to ensure higher barriers for your competition as well.

JacobS posted on: September 16, 2012

I try to communicate with multiple people within my customer's office so that I can become the link that ties them together. People don't always communicate or they avoid each other, but if you do the work for them, they support you and tend to move faster.

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