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7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Leaders


{#/pub/images/7HabitofHighlySustainlableLeaders.jpg}Practice Some Brain Exercises That Allow You To Do More, Faster & With Fewer Resources.
You can't increase the time in a day, but you can use time differently.  It starts with some brain friendly exercises to get you working more effectively while reducing chances of burnout.


Why this is important...

- By learning how to be selfish with your time and say "no" to others, you will be able to focus on what you need to get done, holding others accountable for their own work.
- By delegating trust and challenges to others, you are able to leverage other peoples energy, motivate them and increase your resources to accomplish more .
- By prioritizing your activities you will be better able to make decisions and accomplish your work faster.
- By changing your approach to repetitive tasks (doing things in a different order), you will keep your mind agile and open to new ideas.

This article teaches us how to create energy by taking control not only of our time, but where our attention is within that time frame.  This is a better approach to working longer and harder to get the job done.  Instead, it is about training your brain to work smarter. Check out the article to learn all 7 exercises.

**If you are paid to think, treat your brain and your energy as precious commodities that need daily TLC to function with ease.  Pick one or more of these techniques and start training your brain today.


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7 Habits of Highly Sustainable Leaders


{#/pub/images/Christina_Haxton.jpg}Written by Christina Haxton, MA LMFT
Speaker, Author & Executive Coach, Sustainable Leadership, Inc.
Co-author, The Character-Based Leader: Instigating a leadership revolution one person at a time.  Christina assists entrepreneurs, managers and executives how to quickly build trust with their team and feel happier, highly successful and satisfied in their leadership role. Her clients learn how to use  neuroscience of emotional intelligence to make powerful team connections to become successful leaders, to achieve extraordinary peace of mind, begin to really love what they do again and have fun in the process!


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