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Common job issues and solutions in Senior Manager

Remember the last time you hit your thumb with a hammer?  You didn’t think twice when you yelled and let the (expletive) words fly.  For a few moments you stopped thinking about the task at hand, caring who was within earshot and...(more)

You’ve worked hard to be a strong contender for the promotion to fill the position as the newest Director or VP in your company.   You’ve listened to upper management who has given you what seems to be good, well-meaning advice. ...(more)

As a front-line supervisor, your job was to deliver results. You were measured by and rewarded for performance. No matter what job function you were managing, your priority was to get the job done on time, under budget and in accordance with the quality...(more)

Leading or Managing during times of crisis requires the ability to make tough decisions.  The question is how do you know you are making the best decisions for you and your business? It’s a falsity to think that making quick decisions under...(more)

Do you feel fulfilled and accomplished at the end of the day? Or are you more often frustrated over what you did not get done? When no matter how much you do still feels like you haven’t done enough, it can become overwhelming and sometimes...(more)

By Jayne Jenkins, CEO, Churchill Leadership Group When you think about apathy and the impact it can have on your business, leadership may not be the first place you look, but maybe it should be. By definition Apathy is a state of indifference, or...(more)

By Christina Haxton, Speaker, Author & Executive Coach, Sustainable Leadership, Inc. Almost 48% of newly hired or recently promoted executives get fired or quit within the first 18 months on the job.  You worked hard to climb the...(more)

As managers, and leaders, we anticipate challenges, take on responsibility and drive results.  Our ability to communicate well gives us an advantage when motivating, providing direction and giving feedback, however, no matter how good you are at...(more)

Make communication to their employees one of their performance...(more)

Manage results.  Focus on direction, strategy and breaking down roadblocks.  The rest should be delegated to your...(more)

Take a seminar, read...(more)

Ensure each group is clear in their vision and that you are clear in...(more)

Know that you can go home even if there is still work to do. Learn to...(more)

Work on active listening skills and the ability to make...(more)

Report key metrics on a regular basis and focus your...(more)

Clarify roles showing they are all different and equally...(more)

Use respected recruiters, a solid compensation structure and give recognition to good employees.  Ask your employees for their input on things that you are working on and they will feel more ownership in their roles and their...(more)


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