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Showing Appreciation to Loyal Employees


Loyal employees keep a company on its feet, and it’s important to regularly show your appreciation to those individuals who put in effort time and again to keep your business productive and profitable. Expressing gratitude and giving commendation when it’s due translates into a happier and more productive workplace. Why? Workers who feel appreciated are bound to like coming to work more, and are more inclined to put in effort as they see their labors are rewarded. If you want to show your gratitude, consider incorporating these commendation tactics and rewards into use in your office.


Cold Hard Cash

Think someone’s doing a great job and want to find an individual present for them? Cash can be a huge motivator, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use money as a way to show your appreciation. Offer bonuses when they’re due—don’t always wait until Christmas time to give it as a gift. Nothing says thank you quite like a wad of money.


Family-Centered Presents

If the employee you’re seeking to thank has a family, give them a present they can use with them during their time away from the office. It could be tickets to a theme park, a gift card to a restaurant or movie theater, or anything else you can think of. Their spouse and kids are likely their most important priority, and giving nod to that with your gift won’t go unnoticed.


Time Off

Personal time is crucial, and one of the most sought after life luxuries in our busy world. If your production process can handle employees taking the occasional day off, offer incentives of vacation time to employees who are doing exemplary work. You can also make it a points system. Different work successes can be the equivalent of a certain amount of points, i.e. 15 points for making a big sale or 30 points for securing a new client. Once a threshold of points is hit, say 100 points, allow your employee paid time off of work if applicable.


Office Accoutrements

Your employees spend the bulk of their week at their desk, and you can update their work area to make those long hours more enjoyable and even more productive. Maybe it’s modern artwork that they can hang in their office, or perhaps it’s new cases for the iPhone 6 they use for business purposes. Giving practical business-related gifts means staying office appropriate and contributing to your employees’ productivity rates. If you can spring for new electronics for your employees, do so. Whatever you can think of to add their workspace in a fun yet practical way will be very much appreciated.


A Group Trip

If you’re company is on the smaller end of the spectrum, consider taking all of your employees on a group trip to improve camaraderie and create further bonds within the ranks. People who like each other work better together, it’s simple math. Your trip could be to a local winery; simply rent a party bus and pile everyone on for a fun day of cabernets and pinots. If you’d prefer to do something sans alcohol, try a day trip to a local beach or lake for some fun in the sun. Getting to hobnob outside of work will help your employees form deeper relationships and keep the office running smoothly.


Weekly Deliveries

Want to make your employees excited to come into the office? Make it more desirable. If you’ve had an extremely productive quarter and want to commend your workforce with an inexpensive gift, consider weekly delivers of snacks or treats that your employees can enjoy while on the job. It could be something as simple as a few boxes of donuts from a local bakery, or you could even sign your company up for deliveries from Graze, the healthy snack service. Depending on your budget and the size of your company, you have a variety of options to choose from.


Showing appreciation for hardworking employees is an easy task with these gift tips in your arsenal. Consider which of these options would best fit your company as a whole and your employees individually and make sure they feel appreciated for all their efforts to keep your company thriving.


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